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Started to do some Pay To Clicking

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Yes, I have started to do some pay to clicking. I have decided to choose TitanCash Network over Bux.to because i read some bad reviews of Bux.to and they are true. Well first off. Pay to click or PTC is basically when you are paid to view advertisements.

I have an account on Advercash.net and Titanclicks.com. Here are my referral links if anyone wants to be nice :) : Titanclick and Advercash. (You can also get some EC or GetRef credits by signing up). I think they lack lots of ads. Advercash is much better than titanclicks because it has more higher paying ads. (I hate the ads on titanclick that you make 0.001 off of.) I have clicked about 170 ads and made about $0.90. That's not a lot but i have only been doing this for five days. The key tho make more money is referrals. I will show you how to get some EASY in a future article. You can also purchase referrals, but I read some bad reviews about purchasing them. I will keep you notified when I get paid (if i get paid).
- Andrew


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  1. scorilo April 2, 2008 at 3:54 AM
    hope for you it does well...for me sounds a litle lame to click for cash...we should do something more chalenging with our mind
  2. Andrew - Site Admin April 2, 2008 at 4:24 PM
    I usually do some clicking while i am doing another thing. Like play my guitar or do some work and every couple of minutes click. If you sit there and just watch it like your suppose to then it will quite boring.
    - Andrew
    Site Admin
  3. Terry April 8, 2008 at 4:21 PM
    I have been a member of clixsense for 6 months and usually receive an average $10pm. But remeber to wwait a few months and build up your money as they take $3 per check.

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