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How to get referrals!

Category: , , Written by Andrew

If you are a person who is rather gullible and tries every program on the internet than getting referrals can be a problem. Whether its making money online or trying to get a free iPod.

Referrals are a hard thing to find. Whether you be a jerk and tell friends to do something or post a Youtube video or article you never really get many referrals. I have a way to get some.

But please click my re feral link. This isn't a paid post and it wont affect your account. And if you don't click mine click someone else otherwise your rather selfish.

1. Make a account at GetRef.com <---- (this is when you be generous. ; ) If you are generous i might give you a reward. Comment!)

2. Now you need to get some points. The way do to that is to join someone ones program. So say you want a free iPod. In your account click Earn then Earn By Joining Programs then click the site that you want to go through. By the way if you upgrade to gold you earn double the credits.

3. Once you joined a program, click the Spend button. Then click buy referrals for your program after find your program and start marketing for it.

4. For additional credits you can join more program or buy some. You can also click links and watch them for 15 seconds by that only earns you an average of maybe .012 credits.

5. Once you finish a program and get money or a prize or whatever tell me, because I want to inform people on what are scams and what is real.



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  1. Blue Licorice March 29, 2008 at 6:13 PM
    It seems to me that these 'programs' that want you to put out cash so that they can tell you how to be successful monetarily on the Internet, have just shown you how they do it.

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