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Install Ubuntu EASY! There will be NO partitions, CDs, or geeky stuff todo!

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Before we began our installation of Ubuntu, what is ubuntu. Ubuntu is an Operating System (OS) based on Linux. There are many versions of Linux. Linux is safer, faster, and more secure than Vista (and XP). Also while Vista cost $240 (Home Premuim) Linux cost .........
FREEE!!! Yes Linux is free. So do you want to try it out? After the installation you WILL have all your files and when you start up your computer you will have the option to start Vista (or XP) or Linux/Ubuntu. So lets get started.

First download Wubi and install it.

Once opened choose your user name and password. The minmuim installation size is 4 GB which is fine but i recommand 6 GB. Then choose your desktop environment.
Xubuntu is for slow, older computer -> picture
Ubuntu has something for everyone -> picture
Edubuntu is for education -> picture
Kubuntu (my favorite) is Ubuntu with KDE (looks nicer and more user friendly) -> picture
UbuntuStudio is Ubuntu that comes with free professional software to edit audio, video, and graphics -> picture

Once you have choosen your version click install.
Then do something for about 4 hours and when you return you will be running Linux!

- Andrew


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