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Free iPod Scams!

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About the free iPod scam (I need HELP!). (BTW this i NOT a paid post and there isn't any "referral" links)

The free iPod scams. Well i really shouldn't say that. I would like to know if they are scams. I was thinking about doing one through a Trainn.org site. If anyone had experience with them please comment. But PLEASE no comments saying "It's Great! here is my refferal link" i don't want referal links. Nor do i want people saying all these sites are scams without any evidence. Please share your experience because there is many people that are stuck in the middle. Like me. And if enough people say its not a scam then i will try to get one. Please comment.
- Andrew


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  1. mikie May 27, 2008 at 4:25 PM
    i have recieved a ipod 160gb and a nintedno wii and a xbox 360 elite and gh3 bundle all from trainn.org i amd now working on a 32gb ipod touch,2 iphones and a ps3 and another xbox 360 and another wii. i recomend you do them all i love trainn.org they are the best trust me!

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