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Temporary E-mail Addresses! Never give yours away!

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Ever at a site where it asks you to give an E-mail address? And your not sure to give it out or not? Than this post is for you.

There are three solutions to this problem:

1. Temporary E-Mail Address.

2. Get a G-Mail Account.

3. Check with McAfee.

The first approach: Getting a temporary E-Mail address is simple.

When you come to a situation when your not sure whether to type in your real email than type: whateveryouwant@mailinator.com.

Then goto mailinator.com and check your mail, by going to their site and in the check your inbox box type what you put inside of whateveryouwant.

The second approach almost as easy. Goto Google.com and click Gmail. Setup a account.
Make a seperate account if you already have one. Then just use it as a spam inbox.

The last is check with with McAfee SiteAdvisor.

Goto siteadvisor.com, and at the bottom type the site. Make sure to only use the base! (example: http://homehacker.blogspot.com , NOT http://homehacker.blogspot.com/2008/02/temporary-e-mail-addresses-never-give.html)

Or just download SiteAdvisor for IE or FireFox.

Hope you never get spam again! - Andrew


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