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Tweak almost every aspect of your computer with FreshUI

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When I first ran FreshUI I was greeted by this on the left pane That's when I realized this was going to be fun. FreshUI lets you tweak almost everything. Plus, it's freeware!

To get it you goto http://freshdevices.com/download.html, before you put in your email you might want to consider doing a temporary inbox. This site doesn't spam, but it does send you lots of there newsletters which have ads that make the adveristed product look like it was made by FreshDevices.

Then download and install.

Run the program and tweak EVERYTHING!!!

FreshDevices do have kind of a weird registration. All of there products are freeware, but you do have to sign up or have a fifteen day free trial.

By the way, when I first got this I thought they cheated me and this was shareware but it isn't registration codes are in the first e-mail, so if you did do a temporary inbox, then make sure you check it after signing up.
- Andrew


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