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Some Blogs of Note

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Here are some blogs that you might want to check out:
(Btw, if you want your blog up here than go here. You also get a free backlink!)

PowerDropping.com : This is an amazing site if you want to get EntreCard Credits FAST. It has the fastest loading websites (300 to be exact) that has the EntreCard at the top!! (Don't forget to drop your EntreCard on my site. If you do and write to me (comment or majasticmoose@gmail.com) your site and I'll drop mine on your site!!!)

FaceBook App: This site is all about facebook apps. It has reviews about many apps. This site is new but still check it out! http://facebookapps328.blogspot.com/

Lastly, there is placemyproduct.com. It is an auction marketplace to buy & sell ads,
sponsorships, and product placements.
Place My Products.

I did not make any money from these sites. This is not a sponsored review. I just thought it would be nice to help some blogs traffic and SEO by giving them backlinks. If you want your blog to be talked about than leave a comment here or email me at

Thanks for reading.
- Andrew


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  1. Anonymous March 1, 2008 at 7:42 AM
    ope you can talk about my site as well. thanks.

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