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Increase Traffic with EntreCard!

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As you have probably seen I added EntreCard to my site. And traffic had increased. So I thought I should write a post on how EntreCard works and help you with it.

EntreCard is slightly confusing. So i'll teach you how it works.

First, everything runs on ECs of EntreCard Credits. Before we start talk about how it works you can sign up here entrecard.com. You don't need a credit card :) but you do need a picture.

You can either upload a 125 x 125 picture or make one. I STRONGLY suggest uploading one. A good picture will create more traffic!

Once at your dashboard you look on your left see people that want to advertise on your site. You can appove them or reject them. When you first start on EntreCard it costs advertisers 2 EC to advertise on your site. But as more people click on your EntreCard on your site and the more it costs to advertise.

Another way to get EntreCard points is to "Drop Yours" on another site. Don't forget to drop one on my site!!!! To drop EntreCard fast goto a site like powerdropping.com or sitehoppin.com. I recommand powerdropping.com.

The last way to get ECs is to post a comment saying your site. And as long as you click my site, I'll click yours (and read it, too)! Once you have enough ECs you can goto the Campaign tab on your Dashboard and advertise on someone elses site. Or this one!

I hope you learned something and if you have any questions post a comment. Remember if you post your site in a comment (i am working on removing the nofollow tag!!!!) I'll drop on your site and read it which increases your advertising fee. As long as you drop on mine.

- Andrew


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