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Ultimate Backup Solution

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Many people today have backup solutions like external hard drives. But that keep on forgeting to backup (like me). So i have put together some instructions on how to create a worry-free EASY backup solution.

1. First: Download and install SyncBack

2. Second open SyncBack up and create a new profile

3. When the new profile is open, locate on the bottom the Expert button and click it.

4. You should be in the Simple tab at the top. In there click the second line down: Backup the source directory and all the all subdirectories. BTW you can change these settings around to work for you.

Now you have two options: Backup via FTP or backup via direct connection


(NOTE: you must have an FTP server setup. If you don't, then here is how you make one).
Click on the FTP tab and fill out your settings (make sure you check the box: The destination directory is on an FTP Server!)

Then goto Step 5

FOR DIRECT CONNECTION PEOPLE meaning that your plugging the drive directly into your computer.

Plug your drive in.

At the top make your destination wherever you want on the drive.

Goto Step 5


Goto the Misc tab,

Click on Schedule, then Edit Schedule

In the new window goto the Schedule tab

Make it Daily and at Midnight.

Then goto the settings tab and check the last box, Wake computer to run this task.

Then click Ok until your back at the Profile Setup Page.

STEP 6 (the last step!)

Goto the programs tab and type in the run AFTER profile box: C:\WINDOWS\system32\shutdown.exe

Click ok AND YOUR DONE!!!

Just make sure everynight that your FTP server is going or your HDD is plugged in.
Your computer will turn on at midnight and backup whatever folder you selected aand then when its done it'll shut off. Pretty Cool?

- Andrew


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